CIS Controls Community Volunteer Spotlight: Bryan Chou

CIS Controls Community is fortunate to include many experienced IT security professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help improve cybersecurity best practices and make the connected world a safer place.

Bryan Chou serves as Senior Manager of IT Security at Atlantic Aviation. He's spent the last 10 years in cybersecurity and has been in the IT field for almost 30. He’s also been a CIS Controls Community member and volunteer since 2018.

Chou has been an active participant in many of the discussion boards within CIS WorkBench. He has also volunteered his time and effort with the CIS Controls Policy Template Working Group, which he says really helped him understand the nuances and challenges from other people’s perspectives.

“The CIS Critical Security Controls have always provided a prioritized list of security controls to quickly secure your environment,” said Chou. “Even if you can’t do everything (and let’s face it, most people can’t), you can easily create a plan for intelligently moving forward.”

He encourages others to contribute to the CIS Controls and says,


“I have met a lot of other great cybersecurity folks from all over the world from volunteering on the CIS Controls project. It has helped me understand the Controls better, while gaining different perspectives from other cybersecurity professionals. Find an opportunity to contribute; you will get back many times what you contributed.”


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