CIS Benchmarks Volunteer Spotlight: Sean McCown

Headshot of Sean McCown CIS Benchmark Volunteer

CIS relies on a global community of IT security professionals to ensure that the CIS Benchmarks provide independent, vendor-agnostic security guidance. These volunteers participate in a consensus process and provide their expertise for the benefit of all those who seek to safely use the internet.

Sean McCown, Lead Architect for MinionWare Software, has been a member of the CIS Benchmarks Communities for approximately five years. Prior to joining the Community, he served as a database administrator (DBA) and was the DB expert for InfoWorld Magazine.



I’ve seen how the cybersecurity industry at large has very myopic views on security without an overall view of how to achieve their goals for their enterprise,” said McCown. “I’m trying to change that.”

As a certified Master in SQL Server and an expert in databases, he has written new processes for some of the CIS Benchmarks and helped with bug fixes. McCown also advises on processes through bi-weekly calls and forum discussions and encourages others to join the CIS Communities if they have something to bring to the table.

"Be ready for some vigorous discussions," he said.

Being a part of the CIS Benchmarks Community has given McCown a chance to work with a diverse group of like-minded individuals. While he has made many new connections through his involvement in the Communities, he has also been able to foster and grow relationships with members he knew prior to this initiative, further creating confidence in the connected world.

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