CIS Benchmarks Volunteer Spotlight: Hardeep Mehrotara

Hardeep Mehrotara headshot

CIS volunteers are the backbone of our security best practices. They work hard to make sure the CIS Benchmarks™ and the CIS Critical Security Controls® (CIS Controls®) reflect a global knowledge base of the latest known cyber threats. Our unique consensus process ensures the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®) continues to produce objective, referenced cybersecurity standards for hardening resources in industry, government, and academia. Together with CIS, volunteers from around the world develop, review, and maintain our best practices.

One such volunteer is Hardeep Mehrotara, Vice President of Information Security & Enterprise Architecture at Concert Properties. He’s been a member of the CIS Benchmarks Community since 2012, where he first started off managing the CIS Windows Benchmark. Since then, he has continued to contribute to all CIS Windows Benchmarks, helped with the CIS Office 365 Benchmarks, participated in guide development, and even helped with the CIS Controls.

"It is an amazing opportunity to give back to the broader cybersecurity community and have an impact on cybersecurity globally,” said Mehrotara. “The Windows CIS community has grown significantly over the years, as most of the recommendations are vendor-independent, cybersecurity-focused, and developed by professionals with practical experience in the field."

Mehrotara has a significant background in building security programs from the ground up and leading high-performance teams. He has been featured on CTV and Global TV as a cyber expert and currently serves on the program advisory committees for various Canadian colleges and universities. He also serves in the Canadian Forces as an officer responsible for cyber force development, cyber missions, and training. In all of his endeavors, he “recommends the use of CIS Benchmarks and Controls as a key mechanism for improving overall cybersecurity maturity and posture.”

"Being part of a CIS Community is a unique opportunity to help improve and influence the cybersecurity posture of companies around the world,” said Mehrotara. “It is an amazing opportunity to give back knowledge and expertise so others can benefit from and help the overall community be safer and more secure.”

Interested in becoming a volunteer like Hardeep Mehrotara?