CIS Benchmarks February 2022 Update

The following CIS Benchmarks have been updated or recently released. We've highlighted the major updates below. Each Benchmark includes a full change log that can be referenced to see all changes made.

CIS SUSE Linux Enterprise Benchmark Updates

Thanks to the entire CIS SUSE Linux Enterprise Community for their support and a special thanks to Graham Eames, Mike D. Cross, and Simon John for their work updating SUSE 12.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Benchmark v3.1.0
    • Addressed a number of feedback items from the prior version
    • Alignment to sections and guidance in most current SUSE version
    • Simplified a number of automation artifacts as they relate to CIS-CAT Pro
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Benchmark v1.1.1
    • Bug fix to correct an issue in CIS-CAT Pro scans related to an Active Directory environment

Download the CIS SUSE Linux Enterprise Benchmark in PDF.

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