CIS Benchmarks Community Volunteer Spotlight: Mack Bodie

CIS Benchmarks volunteers dedicate their time and expertise to developing essential security standards for technology systems globally. A dynamic blend of IT professionals, industry experts, and passionate tech enthusiasts, they contribute significantly to building a more secure online environment. Their collective efforts help organizations strengthen their digital infrastructures against potential threats. By volunteering, they not only showcase their commitment but also drive the evolution of cybersecurity norms and practices.

One such volunteer is Mack Bodie, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at West Monroe Partners. He’s worked in multiple cybersecurity domains including incident response, threat hunting, compliance, and designing and implementing secure architecture. Bodie has been a CIS Benchmarks Community member for two and half years.

“Being a part of the CIS Community has made a huge impact in every facet of my career,” he said. “It has allowed me to inform my clients of the latest Benchmarks, discussions around Benchmarks, and ideas for future Benchmarks, and it has furthered my knowledge in making sound recommendations to my clients."

Bodie joins weekly and biweekly calls to discuss the CIS Microsoft 365 Benchmark. During these calls, he provides his knowledge and expertise, and he makes a point to connect with each person who joins each Community meeting.  

Bodie is passionate about the CIS Benchmarks and uses them when consulting.

“West Monroe actively recommends our clients to meet CIS Benchmarks; it's something I help clients achieve every day,” said Bodie. “Being able to actively contribute to these increases my industry knowledge and increases my value as a consultant.”

Interested in becoming a volunteer like Mack Bodie?