Build Kits Speed Implementation of Secure Configurations

computer-build-kitsSecure configurations are a key best practice for limiting your organization’s cyber vulnerabilities. Because systems don’t ship securely, it’s important to review and implement recommended guidance. There are many different cybersecurity frameworks available for locking down technologies like servers, operating systems, and cloud environments. Some are vendor- or platform-based. Others, like the CIS Benchmarks, are developed by a community consensus process involving subject matter experts, security professionals, and more. No matter which way you to choose to implement secure configurations, a manual method is tedious and leaves room for error. Keep reading to learn how CIS Build Kits rapidly implement the CIS Benchmarks on Windows and Linux (Unix, *nix) endpoints.

The strength of community

What does it mean to provide consensus-developed security guidelines? Rather than relying on any single perspective, the team at CIS has worked with a global community for over a decade to identify, validate, and promote best practices in cyber space. The result? More than 100 CIS Benchmarks across 25+ vendor product families: best practices for hardening different technologies. These security recommendations are released free in PDF format to help every organization secure its systems and data.

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Pathways to compliance

Once you’ve chosen a secure standard, there are often multiple ways to implement it across your network. One option is to manually configure endpoints by applying each recommendation to your environment. This will give your team a great look at everything that goes into secure configurations, but it can take significant time.For organizations that prefer to automate, CIS Build Kits provide another vector for deploying secure configurations. CIS Build Kits use the group policy management console in Windows or a shell script in *nix environments. In addition to providing confirmed compliance that your target machine is securely configured, Build Kits can save your organization hours on implementation.

3 tips for using Build Kits

There are a few ways to ensure success when using Build Kits. Here are three tips:

  1. Review all of the Benchmark recommendations to ensure they apply to your environment and identify any potential impacts. Note any exceptions in policy.
  2. Apply Build Kits in a test environment first. Modify if needed to avoid unanticipated conflicts.
  3. Review settings which must be applied manually such as root or admin configurations – these exceptions are noted in each CIS Build Kit.

More than a membership

CIS Build Kits are part of CIS SecureSuite Membership tools and resources – used by over 2,500 organizations worldwide to secure their systems and data. Membership includes access to full-format, machine-readable CIS Benchmarks, the CIS-CAT Pro configuration assessment tool with remote assessment, creation of custom configuration policy via CIS WorkBench, and more.

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