A Day in the Life with a Senior Data Intelligence Analyst

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving industry that relies on the strength of different teams working together. It’s a diverse field comprised of technical and security experts of all kind to engineers, marketing specialists, and beyond. To learn more about the skills and experiences that make up the team here at CIS®, we interview a different team member each month. For December, we sat down with Lijia Naina, a Senior Data Intelligence Analyst.

CIS: Please share a brief overview of what your job entails.

Lijia Naina: As a Senior Operations Data Intelligence Analyst, I create reports for our clients as well as internal teams to enable them keep track of crucial information. My major responsibility involves developing SQL queries in an Oracle database as well as utilizing business intelligence tools to convert data into customized and comprehensible formats such as graphs, tables, and summaries.

How long have you worked at CIS/MS-ISAC?

I have been with CIS for 7 months.

What education/background do you have that helped you get your position at CIS?

I have a Bachelor in Computer Science from India and a Master in Information Science from University at Albany. My initial experience in Oracle was during my internship with UAlbany’s Business Intelligence team. Prior to joining CIS, I worked as a SQL Developer for a managed care company performing similar duties. It was certainly a combination of education and past experiences that assisted me with the interview process.

What are 5 daily tasks you do as a Senior Data Intelligence Analyst?

  1. Collect requirements for reports from stakeholders within our organization.
  2. Develop automated reports for clients to keep them notified on activities that we monitor.
  3. Collaborate with teams regarding updates to the database.
  4. Assist peers with creating SQL queries.
  5. Ensure data quality in the database and make essential corrections.

What is your favorite part about being a Senior Data Intelligence Analyst?

During the process of creating reports for several teams within our organization, I get the opportunity to learn the specifics of how the data are interpreted within that particular department. This enables me to have an understanding of the different aspects of our business, keeping my job dynamic and interesting.

What advice would you give a prospective Senior Data Intelligence Analyst?

In addition to being proficient in SQL along with good organizational skills, my advice would be to prepare to work amongst a group of highly skilled people in a challenging environment.

If you could describe your job in 3 words, what would they be?

Methodical, Efficient, and Creative.

What is a skill or habit that has helped you in your current role?

Having a clear understanding of the purpose of the report and being able to analyze the request from the perspective of the requestor has enabled me to create reports in formats that best suit their usage. This sometimes requires being engaged in several conversations with the requestor until the completion of the project.

What has surprised you about this position?

I am intrigued by the camaraderie that the company promotes through monthly social gatherings, lunch and learn programs, volunteer opportunities, and other networking activities.

How would you describe the company culture?

CIS provides a collaborative environment where employees realize the importance of working collectively across the organization.  In addition, it recognizes the contribution of its employees and encourages opportunities for professional development.