Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) for U.S. Hospitals FAQ


What is the Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) Service?

Who is Akamai?

How does MDBR work?

What is Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP)?

How much does the MDBR service cost?

How does MDBR differ from other DNS filtering services, such as Cisco Umbrella or Quad9?

What threat intelligence feeds are used by Akamai and how do they compare to other service providers?

How challenging will it be to add MDBR to our environment?

Who do I contact for changes to my MDBR account?

Who do I contact if I have further questions?


How do I sign up for the MDBR service?

When can I sign up and how long can I leverage the MDBR service?

Once I receive the registration email, how many hours is the link in the email valid for before it expires?

Once our organization’s primary contact receives the enrollment approval email, how many hours is the link in the email valid for before it expires?

During the registration process, why is there a question asking if my organization provides DNS resolution services to other organizations?

Are the MDBR Terms and Conditions available to be reviewed by our legal department prior to accepting them?

While completing the MDBR onboarding form, I received an error stating “Parameter IPs of value ‘x.x.x.x’ violated a constraint. Invalid IP or CIDR notation.” What does this mean?

After I sign up, how do I access information related to my organization’s DNS activity?

Is there anything I should be aware of, prior to signing up for the MDBR service?

Technical Support

Does MDBR support DNS over HTTPS (DoH)?

Can you provide more details on the information that is logged by MDBR?

Does MDBR support real-time log integration or log forwarding to a organization’s SIEM solution?

How do I get direct access to the Akamai portal and information related to the internal host that made a DNS request?

How do I configure my organization’s local forwarders to send DNS inquiries to Akamai?

Is there a way to test that our local forwarders were successfully changed to send DNS inquiries to Akamai?

Is the page that appears when malicious domain requests are blocked customizable?

What is the process for false positives?

My organization does not have an internal DNS server. Is an internal DNS server required to sign up for MDBR, or can we manually point each workstation towards the Akamai DNS servers directly?

Many of our employees work remotely. Assuming no VPN is present, would this disqualify them from utilizing the MDBR service, as they would not have an internal DNS server?

My organization does not have a static IP address, which is required for accurate reporting. Would my organization be disqualified from the MDBR service, or would we have to update our account every time our IP address changes?

My organization has an existing security gateway (DNS filter) solution in place. Is it possible to have both MDBR and another secure DNS solution in place at the same time?

Is it possible to implement the MDBR service in monitoring-only mode to determine if there are any issues, before allowing it the ability to block domain requests?

MDBR is a no-cost service for hospitals in the U.S.

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