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The Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC) was established by the EIS-GCC to support the cybersecurity needs of the elections subsector. Through the EI-ISAC, election agencies will gain access to an elections-focused cyber defense suite, including sector-specific threat intelligence products, incident response and remediation, threat and vulnerability monitoring, cybersecurity awareness and training products, and tools for implementing security best practices. FAQ

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A Handbook for Elections Infrastructure Security – Protect your elections infrastructure with this free best practices handbook from CIS and its election partners. View or Download the Handbook
About the EI-ISAC – Learn about the EI-ISAC, why it was created, and the support it offers U.S. SLTTs. Download the Overview
Incident Response Checklist – Learn how to identify, respond to, and communicate information about a breach. Download the Checklist
CIS SecureSuite Membership – Free for U.S. SLTTs, CIS SecureSuite provides integrated cybersecurity resources to help your organization start secure and stay secure. Learn More

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  • 24/7 Security Operation Center
  • Weekly News Alert
  • Incident Response Services
  • Access to Secure Portals for Communication and Document Sharing
  • Malicious Code Analysis Platform (MCAP)
  • Monthly Members-only Webcasts
  • Election-specific Threat Alerts
  • Quarterly Threat Report
  • Access to Cybersecurity Table-top Exercises
  • Vulnerability Management Program (VMP)
  • Nationwide Cyber Security Review (NCSR)
  • Awareness and Education Materials

Cybersecurity Spotlight

EI-ISAC Cybersecurity Spotlight – Ransomware

Election officials should work with their technical staff to ensure the following key policies are in place to protect their networks against ransomware:

  • Keep your systems and defensive software patched;
  • Maintain up-to-date data backups which are stored offline and regularly tested to ensure they are complete and it is possible to reinstall from the backups;
  • Implement email filtering to identify suspicious emails;
  • Conduct regular end user awareness training on how to identify and respond to suspicious emails and ransomware infections.

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