Protect Your Portable Devices

It's important to secure all portable devices to protect both the device and the information contained on the device.

Ways to Protect Mobile Devices

  • Always use a password to access your device. If the device is used for work purposes, you should follow the password policy issued by your organization.
  • If the Bluetooth functionality is not in use, disable it. Note: Some devices have Bluetooth enabled by default. Be sure to check, and change the default password for connecting to that Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Never open attachments from untrusted sources. Similar to the risk when using your desktop, you risk being exposed to malware when opening unexpected attachments on portable devices.
  • Do not follow links to untrusted sources, especially from unsolicited email or text messages. Again, as with your desktop, your portable devices risk being infected with malware.
  • If your device is lost, report it immediately to your carrier or organization. Some devices allow the data to be erased remotely.
  • Review the security setting on your device to ensure appropriate protection. Be sure to encrypt data transmissions whenever possible.

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