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Dispose of Information Properly

Protecting confidential and sensitive data from accidental disclosure is very important. Always strive to properly handle data erasure and the disposal of media. Erasing information or disposing of electronic media (e.g., PCs, CDs, thumb drives, cameras) often leads to a false sense of data security.

Be aware of proper methods of sanitizing, destroying, or disposing of media containing sensitive or classified information. Before discarding your computer or portable storage devices, you need to be sure that the data has been erased, or "wiped."

Tips to Help You Dispose of Your Data

  • Wipe all read/writable media (including your hard drive) using Department of Defense (DoD)-compliant software.
  • Shred CDs and DVDs. This type of media should be physically destroyed.
  • Maintain a log of all devices that have been disposed of. The log should include the date, type of device, manufacturer, serial number (if one exists), destruction method used, and disposal method such as sold, crushed, or shredded.

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