CIS SecureSuite® Promo Terms

CIS may offer limited-time promotional opportunities to save up to 20% on a new CIS SecureSuite Membership. This promotion is only available for new Memberships where no other discounts apply. Membership category exclusions may apply.

To apply a promo code, click on the “Apply for CIS SecureSuite Membership” link and enter the promo code in the form with the rest of your information. You may also include it in an email if you contact us directly.

Promotional Terms of Use:

To redeem a special offer, the promo code must be given at time of purchase. Enter the promo code in the Membership application form or provide it to us via email. Enrollment must be completed before the promo code’s expiration date. Enrollment is complete when payment is received.

CIS reserves the right to modify or cancel an offer at any time. Offer may not be combined with other offers/discounts. All orders are subject to confirmation of the order price.


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Over 90% of our members report that they are satisfied with the value of their CIS SecureSuite membership. In addition, the majority of members say that CIS membership has directly made their organization more secure.



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