CIS SecureSuite Member Webinars

New to CIS SecureSuite or need a refresher about Membership resources? Join us for an upcoming webinar! We’ll review your Membership benefits, provide a guided walk through for getting started with Membership, and explain how to run a system assessment with CIS-CAT Pro.

CIS SecureSuite Member Orientation Webinars

You have taken the first step in making and keeping your company secure by becoming a member of CIS. Now become familiar with the benefits and technical resources that are included with your CIS SecureSuite Membership as well as a demonstration of CIS-CAT Pro by attending one of our orientation sessions below. What you'll learn:
  • How the CIS Benchmarks use the strength of our international communities to develop consensus-based, vendor-agnostic configuration guidelines
  • How to leverage CIS-CAT Pro, a configuration assessment tool, including:
    • Using CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard to consume assessment reports and show compliance with the CIS Benchmarks over time
    • Using CIS-CAT Pro Assessor to scan system configurations and report compliance to the CIS Benchmarks
  • How to custom tailor CIS Benchmark recommendations and get involved with our communities on CIS WorkBench
  • How to utilize Build Kits to rapidly implement CIS Benchmark recommendations

If you have questions about the webinar, please contact us at [email protected]. Please PRE-REGISTER for the event no later than 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

Register for an upcoming session (Thursdays):


CIS Workbench 101

Join us for an upcoming webinar on getting started with the CIS Workbench platform, where you will download your CIS SecureSuite resources, obtain support and networking from various communities, even customize CIS Benchmarks! This webinar is designed for new Members just getting started and looking for a guided tour of the CIS WorkBench platform.


An Introduction and Demonstration of CIS CAT Pro Dashboard

If you're looking for a graphical representation of your hardening efforts over a period of time, perhaps configuration drift alerts, exception handling, and/or Remediation reports, join us for our introduction and overview of CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard version 3, a companion tool to our CIS-CAT Pro assessor.