CIS Hardened Images on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CIS Hardened Images on AWS

All of these images are available on AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud (US) region. Those also available on the AWS Intelligence Community are noted below, excluding containers for AWS GovCloud US region. Free trials are available in AWS Marketplace for the following CIS Hardened Images: Amazon Linux 2, CentOS Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Ubuntu Linux 18.04, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 STIG. Follow the links below to access free trials in AWS Marketplace for these Images.

CIS and AWS Work Together

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CIS Hardened Images Free Trials Available in AWS Marketplace

Text: Does your organization spend countless resources hardening operating systems in the cloud? That’s why CIS pre-hardens these virtual machine (VM) images to CIS Benchmark standards. See how these CIS Hardened Images work by trying one in your cloud environment. Free trials are available for select CIS Hardened Images in AWS Marketplace!

Free trials are available for:

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark

AWS joined the CIS community consensus process that created the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark. The purpose of this CIS Benchmark is to provide prescriptive guidance for your AWS account. It provides configuration recommendations for identity and access management, monitoring and logging, and networking.

Meet your Shared Responsibility on AWS with CIS

Depending on what your organization’s cloud infrastructure looks like, the responsibility of security actions varies between the cloud user and Amazon Web Services. Simply put, the AWS Shared Responsibility Model outlines what security actions an organization is responsible for and what security actions AWS manages.

CIS offers globally-recognized cybersecurity resources, including the CIS Hardened Images, that can help cloud consumers meet the expectations of the shared responsibility model. Learn more in our guide, Cloud Security and the AWS Shared Responsibility Model with CIS .

Security Automation & Orchestration (SAO)

CIS Benchmarks and CIS Hardened Images are part of the AWS SAO methodology. AWS SAO enables AWS customers to constrain, track, and publish continuous risk treatments, configurations, and assimilate DevOps routines into a “Type Accredited” secure AWS architecture. This architecture is configured to converge common security frameworks (e.g. FedRAMP, DoD CC SRG, PCI-DSS, IRS 1075, etc.) through the use of security as code practices. Learn More

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AWS Resources

CIS Cloud Services Guide

Some public cloud services require extensive guidance, like Kubernetes. Access free guidelines for EKS.

Download the CIS EKS Benchmark
CIS Product Benchmarks

Using other AWS cloud services? CIS provides free guidance for services grouped by cloud product. Access the first release of CIS Cloud Product Benchmarks.

Download CIS AWS End User Compute Services Benchmark
What People are Saying:

"Based on the value, time and costs saving, I would not consider spinning up a AWS server without adding the CIS security to it for any production-level instance."

- V.P. Application Lifecycle Management CorTechs, Inc.

Partner with CIS to Resell CIS Hardened Images on AWS

CIS Hardened Images are available for SPPO and CPPO Cloud Reseller Partners in AWS Marketplace. Request information and connect with our Cloud Channel Team.