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Release: CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard v1.0.5

We’re thrilled to announce the latest release of CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard – version 1.0.5. This update includes functional and system enhancements.

A companion application to CIS-CAT Pro Assessor, CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard helps users quickly view their configuration assessment performance over time, from overall compliance down to a particular system or CIS Benchmark. So how did we make it better? Details below:

Functional Enhancements

User Favorites

One major update to CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard is the addition of “user favorites.” This new section allows users to mark their favorite CIS Benchmarks or target systems, making it easy to view dashboard in just a few clicks. The CIS Benchmark Dashboard and Target System Dashboard now use “user favorites” functionality, instead of the entire list of available benchmarks or target systems, to display available graphing options.

admin vaorites

Inbox Improvements

We’ve also added several UI improvements to the CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard inbox. These updates include an “All/Unread” toggle making it easier for users to view only unread messages as well as new batch options to mark read/unread or delete multiple items from the inbox at once. Struggling to tell which tasks are new? Not anymore – we’ve added A new “My Tasks” section to the Inbox, which will display tasks separately from other types of messages.  Like the inbox, this section contains an Open/Closed toggle so you can easily view tasks that need action.

Exceptions & Security

In past versions of CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard, when a CIS Benchmark exception was approved or rejected, alerts would only notify the requester. With this update, we’ve added a recipient list to the exception workflow, so alerts will go to all recipients identified by the program administrator. (Modify this list in the “Admin” menu.)

When CIS Benchmark exceptions are end-dated; the same recipient list will be notified when end-dates are set or modified. For added security, we limited end-dating on CIS Benchmark exceptions to ROLE_ADMIN users.

Bonus update: Added alert title information to the alert dialog

System Enhancements

Custom System IDs

Our major system enhancement in this release: Custom IDs for Target Systems. So how does this work? At the application level, users can now customize the primary identifier for all target systems. By default, each systems primary identifier is the“hostname”.  Administrators can now change the system wide primary identifier type to one of the pre-existing types, such as mac-address or fqdn.  Administrators can also add custom primary identifier types.

Primary Identifier type is also configurable per target system.  You can have some target systems identified by one type of identifier, such as hostname, and others identified by another type, such as a custom database name.

Bug Fixes

CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard v. 1.0.5 contains three bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Bug where CCPD would not run using SQL Server 2014
  • Fixed: Missing “back” button on Target Systems Dashboard when toggling between multi/single” view
  • Fixed: Bug preventing deletion of target systems

The Road Ahead

What’s next for CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard? You tell us! Questions, feedback, and ideas are always welcomed

Wondering how you can get CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard? It’s included with CIS SecureSuite Membership – click here for more information.