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New & Improved Features come to CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard v1.1.4

CIS released a new automated installation process for CIS-CAT® Pro Dashboard, our dynamic web application and companion tool to CIS-CAT Pro Assessor. CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard consumes configuration assessment reports and allows users to quickly view their performance over time. Reports can show overall compliance down to a particular system or CIS Benchmark™. To access the latest release, your organization must be a CIS SecureSuite™ Member. Not a member? Enroll today.

New Features for CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard 1.1.4

Installation and Upgrade Tool: This release includes a step-by-step embedded tool for Linux/Unix and Windows users for the install/upgrade of CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard. It replaces some of the manual steps required to complete an installation. The new tool walks members through the automatic creation of the dashboard configuration file. Which reduces the risk of manual data entry and file formatting errors. Use the new installer to pre-load existing dashboard configuration settings or let the installer create it for you!


First, direct the location of CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard’s configuration file.


Which will automatically create Dashboard’s configuration file (ccpd-config.yml).

With this new update, CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard installation is going from a manual entry process (shown below) with the risk of data entry and file formatting errors...


To this easy screen entry process.


Graphs Viewable With or Without Internet Connectivity: Is your CIS-CAT Pro application server required to be off-line? With supporting graph libraries now included with the dashboard application, CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard no longer requires an external internet connection to display the assessment results graphically. CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard can now display assessment results in a graph whether your application server is on- or off-line. Configure the height and width of the graphs using System Settings.


How to access

In order to access CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard, your organization must be a CIS SecureSuite Member. Members can download the latest CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard files via CIS WorkBench. CIS SecureSuite Membership benefits include CIS-CAT Pro Assessor and Dashboard, build kits for quickly implementing CIS Benchmark recommendations, and more.