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Introducing CIS Workbench

The CIS community website has been a hub for tech professionals to network, discuss technical concepts, and download CIS resources. We’ve been hard at work improving our community platform and are proud to announce the new CIS WorkBench.

Communities are at the heart of the CIS Benchmarks. For years, expert IT volunteers from around the world have helped us develop, review, edit and maintain the secure configuration recommendations contained in every CIS Benchmark. This collaborative consensus process is essential to the objective, vendor-agnostic nature of our resources.

What does CIS WorkBench do?

CIS WorkBench integrates the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks communities, allowing for greater collaboration between experts. Discussions range from the most detailed technical configuration settings to broader cybersecurity policies. Integrating these groups on the same community platform provides everyone with greater insight into how the content in the CIS Benchmarks map to processes within the CIS Controls.

With CIS WorkBench’s new user-friendly dashboard, participating in multiple communities is easier than ever. It’s also quite simple to track discussion topics and follow a CIS Benchmark along each stage through the approval process. CIS WorkBench allows users to create tickets, filter through group forums, and download publicly-available CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks resources.

Features for CIS SecureSuite® Members

CIS WorkBench provides additional features and cybersecurity resources for CIS SecureSuite Members (formerly called Security Benchmarks Members):

  • Download CIS-CAT Pro (comprised of Pro Assessor and Pro Dashboard), our premiere configuration assessment tool
  • Export XML, Excel, OVAL, and Word versions of the CIS Benchmarks (Excel/OVAL coverage to expand over the coming months)
  • Modify (tailor) CIS Benchmark settings to align with organizational needs, and maintain those customizations throughout new releases of the tool

We’re excited to see the growth of these communities through CIS WorkBench. If you’re already a member of our communities or would like to register as a new user, visit CIS WorkBench. Learn about the wide range of CIS cybersecurity tools and resources available with the CIS SecureSuite Membership.