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CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard 1.1.3. Update – What You Need to Know

This week, CIS SecureSuite® Members are receiving an update to CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard. CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard is the companion tool to CIS-CAT Pro Assessor. It consumes configuration assessment results and charts the results over time, providing users with insight into their overall security posture. Keep reading to learn what’s new in CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard 1.1.3.

New: Configuration Assessment Difference Report

CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard now provides users a Configuration Assessment Difference Report.  This report highlights what has changed between two configuration assessments. Compare separate scans of a single system and see how specific configurations pass/fail over time. The Configuration Assessment Difference Report also allows users to quickly view and respond to changes in security posture.

CIS-CAT Pro Dash compare scans


config assessment diff report

New: Alerts

Want to be notified when your assessment scores change? With the new CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard, an alert can be generated based on the new Configuration Assessment Difference Report. Alerts can be sent during the import process if the score of the uploaded assessment result went down compared to a previous report, helping users stay on top of potential security concerns.

Data Structure Modifications

While designing CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard 1.1.3, developers changed the data structure to be more efficient. The result? Faster imports, faster exports, and faster data removal (like decommissioned target system information or aged assessment reports). In addition, CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard users are now able to delete configuration and vulnerability reports, allowing security administrators to focus on current scores instead of outdated, historical scores.

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