Center for Internet Security Partners with National Sheriffs’ Association to Bolster Cybersecurity

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 1, 2024 – The Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS®) has teamed up with the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) to highlight cutting edge tools and resources that are available at no cost to state and local law enforcement organizations across the United States.

CIS offers no-cost membership to the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (MS-ISAC®) to all state, local, tribal, and territorial organizations, including law enforcement. Members are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of services, including the CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT), which provides invaluable insights into an organization's cybersecurity readiness. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, law enforcement offices can take steps to fortify their network defenses against cybercriminals.

The cybersecurity threat landscape facing sheriffs’ offices and communities is more challenging than ever. With the rise in sophisticated cybercriminals and increasingly complex cyber threats, law enforcement agencies are under constant pressure to safeguard sensitive data and critical infrastructure. From ransomware attacks to phishing scams and insider threats, the stakes have never been higher. It's imperative for sheriffs’ offices to stay vigilant, proactive, and well-equipped to defend against these evolving threats.

“As law enforcement professionals, we are experienced in fighting cybercrime and investigating cyber incidents,” said Sheriff Craig Apple of Albany County, New York, who was named 2024 National Sheriff of the Year by the NSA. “However, it’s just as crucial to protect our own networks from attack. In this digital age, safeguarding our infrastructure is essential to maintaining public trust to protect and serve our communities.”

To learn more about no-cost MS-ISAC membership and the benefits it offers to law enforcement, as well as all state, local, tribal, and territorial organizations, please visit

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