Not Just Business as Usual

October 6, 2020


The phrase “business as usual” does not apply to the last few months. And, it might not apply to business in the future. Companies around the world have had to change the way they operate, adapting to new measures in order to stay afloat. A lot of business transactions that would normally be done in person have moved to the internet. That’s not to say that many businesses weren’t already doing business online, because they were. However, the COVID-19 crisis saw millions of consumers changing routines and doing more online shopping because they had no other choice. According to a report by Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, e-commerce has gained $52 billion in extra online spending since the pandemic began.

Shopping online might be the new norm as businesses have been limited by state and local guidelines on when they can open, and many are allowing their employees to continue working from home. While the convenience of working from home has its benefits, security becomes more challenging.