High School Students Participate in Cybersecurity Internship at CIS

Troy Record

May 22, 2017

Johnny Noble, Donald Birsett and Parker Swierzewsk, seniors at the La Salle Institute in Troy, NY,  were on site at CIS gaining first-hand experience in the cybersecurity field. The three seniors were selected to participate in a two-week internship where they “learned about networking; listened to lectures and presentations and [shadowed people] to actually see what goes on in the field.” The students are all interested in continuing their education in cybersecurity to some degree as they move on and continue their education as college freshmen next year.

“If you just combine all of the elements between giving back to the community, generating interest in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] and frankly just from the perspective of being able to promote cybersecurity as a profession is all important to us.” – Steve Spano, CIS President & COO