Cyber incidents against K-12 schools expected to rise by 86%

August 5, 2021


The number of cybersecurity incidents aimed at K-12 school systems could jump by 86% in the coming academic year, the nonprofit Center for Internet Security told EdScoop on Thursday. The organization, which operates the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a threat intelligence and cybersecurity advisory operation serving state and local governments, expects that increase based on a rising trend of alerts it’s been getting from its members in the academic sector. The projection includes an array of cyberthreats, including phishing schemes that can lead to ransomware, data theft and other criminal activity.

“We continue to see schools be a target of cybercriminals,” said Josh Moulin, CIS’s senior vice president and deputy director of operations and security services. “One reason that is is schools have been a target for criminals to go after and get their ransoms paid.”