CIS Launches No-Cost Ransomware Service for U.S. Hospitals

February 18, 2021

Healthcare IT News

The nonprofit Center for Internet Security announced this week that it had launched a no-cost ransomware protection service for private hospitals in the United States.* The Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting service, which is already available for public hospitals, health departments and healthcare organizations, uses Enterprise Threat Protector software from the cybersecurity vendor Akamai to proactively identify, block and mitigate targeted threats.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made hospitals an even larger target for malicious cyber threats than they were already,” said Ed Mattison, executive vice president of CIS Operations and Security Services, in a statement.

*While MDBR was offered at no cost to U.S. private hospitals for a limited time, that offering has been discontinued in favor of MDBR+, a low-cost, cloud-based secure DNS service that provides real-time reporting, custom configurations, and off-network device protection. Learn more about MDBR+ hereMDBR and MDBR+ are both available to U.S. public hospitals.