Bolstered info-sharing seen as a key to ransomware policy, but roles still to be determined

October 19, 2021

Inside Cybersecurity

The head of the influential Center for Internet Security is urging a central role for “ISACs” in the battle against ransomware, saying bodies like the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center led by CIS have the technical capability and the “trust factor” needed to create a more robust sharing environment between states and the private sector on one side and the federal government on the other.

“We need to accelerate information sharing, we have the capability within the MS-ISAC and we’re focusing on sharing with other ISACs,” CIS president and CEO John Gilligan said in an expansive interview with Inside Cybersecurity, referring to the type of cross-sector collaboration that cyber leaders in government and industry say is essential. “This is something the federal government doesn’t like to hear but many entities are not quite on board with sharing with the feds.”