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Security in the Cloud with CIS Hardened Images

September 13, 2018 | 1:00 PM EDT

CIS Hardened Images are securely configured machine images of popular operating systems.  Learn how a CIS Hardened Image has been configured to meet the CIS Benchmarks, the de facto standard for prescriptive, industry-accepted best practices that are collaboratively developed by our volunteer consensus community.  CIS Benchmarks and the CIS Controls are vendor-agnostic and help you comply to numerous security frameworks.   The release of CIS Hardened Images into AWS, Azure, and GCP marks one of many milestones for the maturation and security of the cloud and its suitability for all workloads.  You can be sure that all CIS Hardened Images are securely configured, saving you time and resources without sacrificing security.

Watch the webinar recording:

What you'll learn:

  • Cloud environments are not secure by default – learn about the CIS Benchmarks/CIS Controls and how those security recommendations translate to the cloud
  • Understand how CIS Hardened Images, available in the cloud, are preconfigured to meet the security recommendations of the CIS Benchmarks
  • Find out where you can spin up a CIS Hardened Image to start working securely with all the flexibility of the cloud (i.e., scalability, no upfront investments in hardware, quick deployment, start secure/stay secure)


Greg Carpenter


Jordan Rakoske