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Effective Cyber Disruptive Strategies

August 30, 2016

State & Local Roundtable at the 2016 Symantec Government Symposium

State and local organizations are evolving their cyber disruption plans to better protect themselves and better communicate with all relevant parties from local police to Federal partners and the public. How are states communicating across other levels of government, as well as the private sector, to share information about cyber disruptive strategies, guidance from the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and effective incident response? What cyber hygiene best practices are most effective and what resources are available to government agencies? Join this panel discussion to hear how levels of government can get smarter on how they respond to cyber threats.


Thomas Duffy

Sr. Vice President, Operations
Chair, Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center

David Behen

Director, Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Chief Information Officer, State of Michigan

Ken Durbin

Unified Security Strategist

Mike Echols

Executive Officer/Chief Executive Officer
International Association of Certified Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations