CIS offers a number of seminars covering a range of topics, including cybersecurity fundamentals, implementation of the CIS Controls, and strategies to minimize cyber risk. With over 50 years of combined cybersecurity training experience, our presenters can speak to a wide variety of audiences, from IT professionals to senior executives.




Threats & Best Practices (1 hour)

Covers the threat landscape, how it impacts organizations that are not prepared, and what steps can be taken to help minimize risk.

Cyber Risk Insurance (1 hour)

Overview of cybersecurity, how the cyber risk industry is evolving and key questions to ask before purchasing insurance (both of the broker and your own organization).

CIS Controls 101 (2-3 hours)

Covers the threat landscape and the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls, a relatively short list of high-priority, highly effective defensive actions that provide a "must-do, do-first" starting point for every organization seeking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Risk Management (2-3 hours)

Provides practical steps to apply the CIS Controls to your organization’s IT risk management process.


Technical Implementation of the CIS Controls (2-3 hours)

Discusses how to implement the CIS Controls in your organization from a technical perspective. Covers concepts such as how to use common tools to implement the CIS Controls and how organizations can work within a limited budget.

Cybersecurity Roundtable (3 hours)

Two CIS staff persons (at least one being a member of senior staff) will engage a small group of executives (board directors, C-suites) in-person around cybersecurity and the issues businesses face. May be offered to multiple companies or one company as part of a retreat.

Fundamentals Training (8 hours)

Full day of training for risk managers and related staff in cybersecurity and how to use the CIS Cyber Risk Assessment Tool**



Pricing varies based on speaker availability, travel, and other details. Fee includes:


  • Right to simulcast the presentations to audiences affiliated with the purchaser (remote staff, other clients, members attending conference virtually, etc.)
  • Electronic versions of any handouts that may be included with the presentation
  • One electronic copy of the presentation for the use of the purchaser only


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