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Everything Blockchain EB delivers solutions that protect and securely store data. We help organizations take control of their data and ensure military-grade security. 

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About EBI

EBI delivers solutions that protect and securely store data. We help organizations take control of their data and ensure military-grade security. EB Control is a solution specifically designed to provide data protection, granular access control and privacy for organizations that require the utmost in data security when sharing information inside or outside their organization. EB Control is an ideal solution for SLTT organizations face the challenge of sharing their sensitive information both internally and externally with no loss of control, while operating on limited budgets and resources.

About EB Control

EB Control is the optimal Zero Trust SaaS data protection solution for organizations seeking to ensure data security and privacy. Our software provides seamless encryption for secure data storage and sharing across multiple platforms, while enabling complete control over access permissions, including who, when, where, and how data is accessed. Additionally, our solution allows for revocation of access even after data has been shared, ensuring your data remains protected. With no key management required and easy installation and usability, EB Control helps organizations save valuable time and resources.

Product Features

EB Control provides a comprehensive set of data security features, including time-fencing and geofencing your data, DRM, remote data access revocation, and message shredding. EB Control does not require any key management, allowing for quick and easy deployment and is available on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

We were pleased to find that EB Control’s solution is well-architected and provides strong cryptographic security and protection for its customers and their data.
Ed Giorgio
President, Bridgery Technologies

Pricing and Contract Information

EBI offers SLTT members of the MS-ISAC and EI-ISAC a targeted discount of 40% on the EB Control application, enabling seamless secure data protection for your organization.

Learn more about EB Control and EBI's partnership through CIS CyberMarket by visiting https://ebcontrol.io/cis-cybermarket or contact the EBI team at [email protected].


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