Check out the latest CIS Benchmarks in August 2020, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Release 2004, and more.

The Top 10 Malware July 2020 composition was consistent through July 2020, with the exception of Shlayer, Bancos, and TrickBot.

CIS CSAT makes the powerful security guidance of the CIS Controls easier for teams to implement and track progress which helps improve basic cyber hygiene.

The shared responsibility model for cloud security helps organizations understand what they need to secure in their public cloud environment.

Hear from CIS Benchmarks Community volunteer Martin White who is a director, consultant, and instructor at Ltd.

TikTok is a widely-popular social media platform owned by the Chinese technology company ByteDance Though its stated intention is to share short

To help organizations decide how to prioritize defensive security measures, CIS created the Community Defense Model (CDM).

Check out the latest releases and upates to the CIS Benchmarks in July 2020.

The CIS Password Policy Guide consolidates password guidance into a single source and provides best practices and recommendations.

Learn about one of the CIS Benchmarks Community Volunteers who generously spends some of his time improving cybersecurity best practices for the community.

Top 10 Malware composition was fairly consistent through May 2020, with the exception of Quasar, SocGholish, and Ursnif.

CIS Chief Evangelist Tony Sager shares insight as to why the CIS Sub-Controls in IG1 are the basis for an action plan for basic cyber hygiene.

Learn about one of the CIS Controls Volunteers who generously volunteers his time to help improve cybersecurity best practices for the community.

CISOs today face many hurdles in securing a virtual office environment. With many employees working from home, organizations are at risk.

Check out the latest CIS Benchmarks releases in June 2020, including Check Point Firewall, Google Kubernetes Engine, and more.

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