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CIS releases two CIS Hardened Images for AWS: Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and Amazon Linux 2. Organizations use CIS Hardened Images to implement cloud security.

The top 10 Malware decreased by 7% from November to December 2018 and it made up 62% of malware notifications sent, a decrease of 1% from October 2018.

Learn how a Sr Technican Product Manager helps suppot our mission of securing the connected world by collaborating with a global community of cyber experts.

The CIS Controls have been relied upon for years to help organizations prioritize and implement security best practices. Share your feedback on V7.

Have you ever wondered how CIS decides which products to develop? Rather than reinvent the wheel, we look to others for ideas and insights.

CISOs are responsible for protecting an organization from diverse cyber threats. Learn what one CISO is resolving to do for 2019.

With cyber incidents on the rise, we asked our C-level experts what they think we’ll see as cybersecurity trends in 2019.

The top 10 malware remained steady from October 2018 to November 2018 and made up 63% of malware notifications sent to the MS-ISAC.

Learn more about how the CIS Benchmarks are integrated into AWS products and discover how you can secure and harden cloud environments with CIS’ resources.

Cloud and mobile environments bring challenges to traditional security frameworks. Share your cyber expertise and help CIS develop two new security guides.

We sat down and interviewed a Senior Data Intelligence Analyst at CIS to provide insight into what she does on a daily basis.

A hardened container image offers users security while working in the cloud with the portability, flexibility, and reliability of a container.

What does critical infrastructure security and resiliency look like for the various sectors? Learn how how any organization can manage risk with CIS RAM.

CIS Google Cloud Computing Platform Foundations Benchmark v1.0.0 can help an organization protect data and assets in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard has a new automated installation process for our dynamic web application and companion tool to CIS-CAT Pro Assessor.

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