New features to measure CIS Controls implementation with CIS CSAT Pro including a task calendar, tags, and discussions; PCI DSS mappings, and more.

New CIS Hardened Image for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 STIG available Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Marketplaces.

Two malware, Bolek and NanoCore, returned to the Top 10 Malware in October 2020 and two new variants, DirectsX and Glupteb, entered the Top 10 Malware.

Check out the latest CIS Benchmarks for November 2020, including Zoom Benchmark, Apache HTTP 2.4, Apple macOS, Microsoft Azure and more.

CIS provides resources to help organizations meet their responsibilities of the shared responsibility model for cloud security on AWS.

Learn about the latest CIS Benchmark assessment scoring changes the Security Best Practices team has made for CIS-CAT Pro.

Common attacks that occur through videoconferencing systems such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and BlueJeans and how to configure these systems securely.

In September 2020, there was a return of three malware and the Top 10 Malware variants composed 87% of Total Malware activity.

The term “best practice” often comes up in tandem with “cyber hygiene.” CIS defines basic cyber hygiene as CIS Controls IG1.

Check out the latest CIS Benchmarks for October 2020, including ROS Melodic, Oracle Database 19c, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 STIG, and more.

CIS-CAT Pro offers an easy way to remotely scan target machines to CIS Benchmarks.

11 cyber defense tips for securing your digital systems and data. From how to charge your devices safely when traveling to best practices for social.

CIS CSAT Pro v1.1.0 brings new features including visualization of an entire organization tree, exportable graphs, NIST 800-53 mappings, and more.

A definition of basic cyber hygiene provides a technical basis to identify tools, measurements, and reporting used to manage an enterprise's cybersecurity.

Do Your Part. Be Cyber Smart. Protect your organization from today's cyber threats. Save up to 20% on a new CIS SecureSuite Membership through October 31.

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