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Learn about the updates and improvements that were made to the CIS Oracle Database 12c Benchmark and CIS Microsoft Windows Benchmarks.

CIS has chosen to better support our users by officially deprecating CIS Benchmarks for technologies that are no longer supported by the technology vendor.

For this edition of the CIS Controls Volunteer Spotlight, we spoke with Giacomo Lunardon, from Asti, Italy who recently translated the CIS Controls V7.1

Discover how OVAL and Joval help protect organizations against cyber vulnerabilities.

This COVID-19 cybersecurity resource guide from CIS provides information about common cyber-attacks that are currently being reported.

In March 2020 the Top 10 Malware composition was fairly consistent with February 2020 with the exception of Pushdo and Tinba.

New updates in CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard allow for easily deletion of multiple reports to help make results more accurate over time.

James Globe, Vice President of Operations at CIS shares the cybersecurity challenges of a sudden remote workforce and what can be done to keep work secure.

We've curated some of the best cybersecurity resources for kids of every age to keep them entertained, educated, and safe.

One of the newest CIS SecureSuite Membership benefits is the ability to conduct remote assessments using a companion tool of CIS-CAT Pro.

CIS Hardened Images are built on Shielded VMs in Google Cloud Platform for added security and ease of use.

Overall, the Top 10 Malware variants comprised 51% of Total Malware activity in February, down slightly from 53% in January.

CIS remains committed to keeping our Members secure on the home front amidst concerns that cybercriminals are exploiting disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Get a closer look at how the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks consensus-based resources plug in to other security frameworks.

Discover five high impact actions telecommuters can take to enhance their network security to keep data safe and stay productive.

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