Products & Services

The Center for Internet Security offers many free services to the general public, as well as free MS-ISAC services to State, Local, Tribal and Territorial governments.Additionally CIS can help any organization purchase security products at large discounts through its aggregate discounted purchasing program

Configuration Assessment Tools

Provides IT and security professionals with a fast, detailed assessment of target systems' conformance with CIS Benchmarks. CIS-CAT offers enterprises a powerful tool for analyzing and monitoring the security status of information systems and the effectiveness of internal security controls and processes.

Remediation Content

CIS Remediation Kits complement the CIS Secure Configuration Benchmarks and CIS's Configuration Assessment Tool (CIS-CAT) by reducing the level of effort to establish the secure configuration states prescribed and assessed by those resources. The Remediation Kits also provide CIS members with the ability to quickly configure their systems in conformance with CIS benchmarks.