MS-ISAC Executive Committee

The MS-ISAC Executive Committee consists of representatives who are elected by the MS-ISAC members to assist in providing strategic guidance and recommendations for the MS-ISAC. The Executive Committee votes on matters brought to its attention coming from workgroups or the MS-ISAC members-at-large.

One of the Committee members is the Chair of the MS-ISAC, and the remaining committee members represent different state governments, local governments, tribal nations, territories, and the District of Columbia.

2020-2021  MS-ISAC Executive Committee Representatives

  • Erik Avakian -  Chief Information Security Officer, State of Pennsylvania
  • Deborah Blyth - Chief Information Security Officer, State of Colorado
  • Janet Clayton – Director of Information Security, Oneida Nation Enterprises
  • Gary Coverdale - Chief Information Security Officer, Mono County, California
  • Daniel Dister - Chief Information Security Officer, State of New Hampshire
  • Jill Fraser - Chief Information Security Officer, Jefferson County, Colorado
  • Andy Hanks - Chief Information Security Officer, State of Montana
  • Ralph Johnson - Chief Information Security Officer, Los Angeles County, California
  • Devin King – Cyber Analyst, Louisiana State Analytical Fusion Exchange
  • Arnold Kishi -  Senior Advisor, Office of Enterprise Technology Services, State of Hawaii
  • Daniel J. MahoneyDeputy Director, California Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
  • Dustin Stark - IT Director, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma
  • Maria Thompson - Chief Risk Officer, State of North Carolina
  • John Wargo - Manager of Computer Services, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, PA