"Cyber-securing the Nation:
A Whole of Nation Approach"

CIS Interim-CEO John Gilligan Discusses Recommendations from President Obama's
Commision on Enhancing National Cybersecurity


On December 1, President Obama’s Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity delivered a report to the President with recommendations on bolstering the nation’s cybersecurity. While many of the recommendations will likely require federal government action, intentionally or not, the report will also underline the fact that enhancing national cybersecurity requires as much, if not more, action at the state and local levels. While the President considers the report, we’ll explore what more our states and cities can and should do to achieve these goals.

CIS Interim-CEO, John Gilligan, sits on the Cybersecurity Panel and discusses leveraging the power of states & cities for national cybersecurity. Watch the edited video below:

The full forum can be viewed at https://www.newamerica.org/cybersecurity-initiative/events/cyber-securing-nation/