Situational Awareness: Suspected QuickTime For Windows End of Life

SUBJECT: Situational Awareness: Suspected QuickTime For Windows End of Life

April 22, 2016 - UPDATE:
Apple has confirmed that they will no longer be supporting QuickTime 7 for Windows. Organizations that currently utilize this software are subjected to higher levels of risk and an increased potential for compromise.

While Apple has not officially announced end of life for QuickTime on Windows, we believe their intention is to end support for it, because they responded to Trend Micro's notification of two new vulnerabilities with a link on how to uninstall the software. End of Life (EOL) notices are provided when companies announce that they will no longer provide security updates, hot fixes, or technical support for select software or software versions. Failure to properly upgrade EOL software in a timely manner may potentially subject the organization to a higher level of risk, thus increasing the potential for compromise.

Trend Micro released the two new vulnerabilities affecting QuickTime for Windows on April 14 as part of their Zero Day Initiative. These vulnerabilities allow for remote code execution and could allow an attacker to gain the same privileges as the application and allow for the execution of arbitrary code.

MS-ISAC recommends organizations inventory their software to determine if QuickTime has been installed on any Windows systems and develop a proper migration plan to ensure the software is removed appropriately.

Trend Micro:


April 22, 2016- UPDATED REFERENCE: