CIS Controls Commercial Use


If you're using the CIS Controls as a vendor or consultant, or provide services in a related cybersecurity field, enroll in a CIS SecureSuite Product Vendor, Consulting, or Hosting/Cloud Membership or become an authorized Supporter to use the CIS Controls in tools or services that benefit your customers.

As a CIS SecureSuite Member, you receive numerous benefits:

  • The right to use the CIS Controls for commercial purposes
  • The opportunity to highlight your company on the CIS website
  • Access to various formats of the CIS Benchmarks, consensus-based configuration guidelines used by security professionals worldwide
  • Access to CIS-CAT Pro, our SCAP-validated tool which assesses systems against the CIS Benchmarks
  • Remediation content (GPOs, Linux scripts) for rapidly implementing CIS Benchmark recommendations
  • Enhanced technical support from CIS staff and developers
  • A logo for your company to use as part of your marketing materials or on your websites

Learn more about CIS SecureSuite Membership.

If your business has annual revenue under $200k and you would like to use the CIS Controls commercially, you may be eligible to enroll as a Supporter.


Note that the Creative Commons License for the CIS Controls for Effective Defense does not permit commercial use without permission or use without attribution to the Center for Internet Security.