CIS Controls Commercial Use


If you're using the CIS Controls as a vendor or consultant, or provide services in a related cybersecurity field, enroll in CIS Security Benchmarks Product Vendor, Consulting, or Hosting/Cloud Membership or become an authorized Supporter to use the Controls in tools or services that benefit your customers.

As a CIS Controls commercial user, you receive numerous benefits:

  • Public demonstration of your support of and adherence to the CIS Controls
  • The right to use the CIS Controls for commercial purposes
  • A logo for your company to use as part of your marketing materials or on your websites
  • Participation in a semi-annual webcast by leading security experts
  • The opportunity to highlight your company on the CIS website


For small businesses or individual consultants with revenue under $200K, we offer the Supporter License at no charge. This license enables consultants and vendors to market themselves with a special Supporter logo and be advertised on the CIS website. Apply for a CIS Controls Supporter License.

Learn more about Security Benchmarks Membership.

Note that the Creative Commons License for the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls for Effective Defense does not permit commercial use without permission or use without attribution to the Center for Internet Security.