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The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of actions developed by a global IT community. They help protect organizations and their data from known cyber attack vectors. This set of best practices is trusted by security leaders in both the private and public sector and help defeat over 85% of common attacks.
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Learn how the CIS Controls are developed

In an ever-growing mix of hundreds of potential cybersecurity concerns and even more proposed solutions, CIS applies the Pareto Principle – the concept that for many activities, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes– to help prioritize cybersecurity actions.
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Learn about the CIS Controls at the Sub-Control Level

The CIS Controls Implementation Groups take a "horizontal" look across all of the CIS Controls and identify a set of Sub-Controls to provide a simple and accessible way to help organizations of different classes focus their security resources.
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How to get involved in a CIS Community

At the foundation of CIS, we believe in creating community-driven best practices to help organizations and individuals around the globe.
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Interested in seeing how others implement the CIS Controls?

Industry professionals and organizations all around the world utilize the CIS Controls to enhance their organization's cybersecurity posture. Check out recent case studies to learn more.
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CIS Controls V7 Poster

Learn about the basic, foundational, and organizational breakdown of the CIS Controls along with 5 keys for building a cybersecurity program with this downloadable poster.
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Assess your implementation of the CIS Controls

The CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool, or CIS CSAT, is a free web application that enables security leaders to track and prioritize their implementation of the CIS Controls.

Measure your application of the CIS Controls V7.1 Implementation Group 1

The CIS Controls Assessment Module helps organizations measure their application of the CIS Controls V7.1 Implementation Group 1 in Windows 10 environments.
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