Introducing CIS-CAT Lite

Since the inception of the CIS Benchmarks over a decade ago, we’ve worked to automate the often daunting task of implementing secure system configurations. The primary way we help users automate is with CIS-CAT, our CIS Configuration Assessment Tool. CIS-CAT has helped organizations and independent IT consultants around the world assess system settings in minutes and quickly view remediation steps for achieving compliance with the CIS Benchmark recommendations.

What’s Next?

With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce CIS-CAT Lite. CIS-CAT Lite is our updated free-to-download configuration assessment tool. With no time-out period, CIS-CAT Lite allows users to assess their system configuration against four of our CIS Benchmarks:

  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu
  • Google Chrome
  • Mac OS

With a user-friendly GUI as well as vulnerability assessment capabilities, CIS-CAT Lite provides a helpful HTML report of a system’s conformance to each of the four included CIS Benchmarks. In the HTML report, users can see which configuration settings the tool expected to see, whether they met the recommended settings or not, and, for non-compliant settings, view remediation steps.

Arrow Download CIS-CAT Lite today.

After you’ve tried CIS-CAT Lite, you’ll probably be interested in CIS-CAT Pro, our full-feature configuration assessment tool that assesses system configuration against 80+ CIS Benchmarks and displays the results in a new dynamic dashboard. Learn more about the robust capabilities of CIS-CAT Pro.