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CIS SecureSuite Membership Discount Extended

Due to high demand, the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2017 discount on a new one-year CIS SecureSuite Membership is being extended until November 15, 2017.

CIS SecureSuite Membership provides cybersecurity tools and resources to over 1,300 businesses and organizations around the world. Membership includes access to CIS-CAT Pro, our premier configuration assessment tool, which compares system settings for more than 85 technologies to the secure configuration recommendations contained within the CIS Benchmarks. The CIS Benchmarks are independent, consensus-based configuration guidelines for servers, operating systems, mobile devices, and more. CIS SecureSuite Members can customize configuration checks to meet their organizational policies and prioritize checks thanks to a policy-weighing feature.

Through the CIS WorkBench community website, CIS SecureSuite Members also receive access to additional CIS Benchmark formats (XCCDF, Excel, Word) and remediation kits which help users rapidly apply secure configurations to a target machine.

CIS SecureSuite Membership provides additional benefits to academic institutions, technical consultants, product vendors, and more.

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Receive a 10% discount on a new one-year CIS SecureSuite Membership with promo code CIS-NCSAM2017, now through November 15, 2017.