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CIS Named Top Workplace in 2019

2019-TopWorkplacesCIS® was founded in late 2000 to help identify, develop, validate, promote, and sustain cybersecurity best practices. We strive to create confidence in the connected world through programs and memberships including the MS-ISAC®, EI-ISAC®, and CIS SecureSuite®, and CIS CyberMarket®.

CIS also provides a number of free tools and resources to help organizations bolster their cybersecurity posture. These include the CIS Controls™ best practices, CIS Benchmarks™ configuration guidelines, CIS RAM (Risk Assessment Method), and more. Our CIS Hardened Images™ helped protect cloud environments for over 160 million compute hours last year. And recently, thanks to positive survey responses from CIS employees, we were named a Top Workplace by the Albany Times Union. So how do we do it all?

A culture of excellence

CIS has developed a strong culture to help take on modern cybersecurity challenges. Our employees make the effort to follow the CIS Leadership Principles to spur collaboration and work towards our common goals. Our teams inspire and motivate, promote creativity, and deliver results. By working together, we’re able to provide better defense solutions for our partners and members. It takes a lot of hard work to develop tools and resources that improve the cybersecurity posture of organizations around the world. But we know how to have fun, too:

Building the team

In almost two decades since our founding, we’ve grown to nearly 200 employees strong. The CIS team includes cybersecurity professionals, intelligence analysts, business experts, and more. We have a diverse workforce and believe in building agile teams. See what a day in the life is like at CIS for different roles:

Growing strong

Since we began in 2000, CIS has grown to help protect government agencies, tribal networks, major retailers, and global corporations. Through best practices, cybersecurity tools and resources, and a global network of skilled IT experts, CIS helps defend systems and data from attacks. Our mission is critical and we need all hands on deck to protect cyberspace. If you are a mission-driven professional who’s passionate about cyber defense, CIS might be the place for you.