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5 Tips For Staying Safe on Pokémon Go Adventures

By: Shannon McClain

Over the past two weeks Pokémon GO has taken the mobile world by storm. Here are our tips for avoiding criminals in real life and online while playing the game.

Download the Applications from a Secure Source

Cyber criminals will take advantage of popular games such as Pokémon GO to create fake, look-alike applications. Make sure you get the official application from the iTunes AppStore and Google Play Store.

Download on Android.

Download on iPhone and iPad.

Stay Smart on Your Feet

Never play Pokémon GO when you’re on your bike, riding a hoverboard, at a stop light, or doing anything else that needs your attention. Be aware of where you are walking or running and be on the lookout for obstacles that could trip you up or harm you.

Never try to catch a Pokémon someplace where it might not be safe to capture it (like in a construction site or on private property).

Safety in Numbers

Pokémon GO is best played with friends. If a stranger approaches you and makes you feel uncomfortable, ignore them and get away to a safe space. Remember, you can use your phone to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Check Your Surroundings

Only visit PokéStops and Gyms at places you already know. Never follow a path that feels unsafe.

Remember to respect the landmarks around you as well. Memorials, places of worship, and cemeteries need to be treated with respect. Get permission before entering any place that seems like it might be off limits.

Stay Focused

The appeal of Pokémon GO is the way it projects creatures onto real-world environments through augmented reality. Don’t forget while playing to keep an eye on what’s happening around you. Be aware of the people near you and the places you go – and never put your personal safety at risk.