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2016 Summer Olympics: 3 Ways to Stay Safe Online

Over 70 malicious websites were created during the 2012 Olympics to lure people into buying fake tickets.1 With the 2016 Summer Olympics taking off this week, look out for spam, fake websites, and suspicious social media posts. Cyber criminals use these tactics to steal users’ login credentials, money, or other personal information.

As the Olympic games heat up in Rio, take the following steps to stay safe online:

Use official sites only

Cyber criminals create fake “look-a-like” sites to take advantage of the excitement around the games. When in doubt, use a search engine to find the official site for an event, product, or vendor.

The official 2016 Rio site.

The official Summer Olympics ticket vendor for the United States is CoSport.

Use extra caution with email and social media

Be on the lookout for shocking news or “too good to be true” offers in emails and on social media. Evaluate the link before clicking. Is this taking you to a site you trust? Use a search engine to find a legitimate source for news if you’re not sure.

Make sure your devices are up-to-date

To stay safe online during the Summer Olympics season, keep your computer systems, mobile devices and software secure by making sure the latest updates are installed.

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