CIS Vision:  


Leading the global community to secure our connected world.



CIS Mission:   

  • Identify, develop, validate, promote, and sustain best practices in cyber security;
  • Deliver world-class cyber security solutions to prevent and rapidly respond to cyber incidents; and
  • Build and lead communities to enable an environment of trust in cyberspace.


CIS Values:

  • Operate with INTEGRITY - doing the right thing; being accountable for our actions and conducting ourselves in a professional manner with transparency and consistency.
  • Commit to EXCELLENCE - providing the highest quality service and superior results in all that we do.
  • Embody COLLABORATION - to be truly successful we must be inclusive; working together for a common purpose.
  • Focus on our PARTNERS - knowing and listening to our customers and partners; understanding their needs and tailoring our services and products to them.
  • Support our EMPLOYEES - building a positive family atmosphere, encouraging a healthy work/life balance, professional and personal development, wellness, innovation and creativity.
  • Promote TEAMWORK - communicating openly, providing timely and useful information; collaborating and cooperating across our organization and with our partners.
  • Remain AGILE - never losing our flexible, responsive approach to providing solutions to our customers’ needs; anticipating and preparing for both challenges and opportunities before they arise.



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